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AGM Batteries

The ultimate in Deep Cycle battery technology and performance, developed using state of the art manufacturing techniques and some of the most technically advanced materials available.

Century AGM batteries incorporate AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology which acts as a sponge like material, suspending the loose electrolyte within highly porous glass fibre mat seperators. This eliminates the hazards associated with acid spills and leaks whilst the sealed maintenance free design avoids the need for regular topping up of the electrolyte levels.

Century AGM batteries have a low internal resistance and low self discharge rate, enabling faster recharge and longer shelf life. When fully charged they are robust enough to be stored for extended periods of time and can be conveniently recharged using a range of standard chargers and the vehicles alternator. Century Deep Cycle AGM batteries are ideal for use in applications where fast recharge, improved vibration resistance and superior deep cycle performance is required.

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GEL Batteries

Century Deep Cycle Gel batteries utilise gel electrolyte technology which holds the battery plates securely in an immobilised gel, not liquid electrolyte, making them extremely robust, resistant to vibration damage and will not spill or leak when accidently tipped upside down.

The range is completely maintenance free, requiring no topping up of liquid electrolyte, whilst the valve regulated sealed design enables installation in confined, hard to reach locations. They offer improved recovery from a deep discharge or when temporarily stored in a discharged state and deliver longer cycles of power when compared with equivalent flooded Deep Cycle batteries.

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Backup Power

In backup power applications, Yuasa NP batteries provide dependable reserve power to operate critical systems in the event of mains power failure. In such situations the batteries remain on charge until a mains power outage at with time they engage to provide power operate critical systems.

Typical applications include:

- Alarm systems                       - Communications equipment

- Computer servers                   - Emergency lighting systems


Primary Power Use

Yuasa NP batteries are a perfect power source in applications requiring constant power over extended periods of time:

- Toys                                       - Power tools

- Video recorders                     - Marine equipment

- Electronic test equipment      - Portable lighting



  • NP1.2-6FR

  • NP3-6FR

  • NP4-6FR NP7-6FR

  • NP10-6FR NP0.8-12FR

  • NP1.2-12FR


  • NP2-12FR

  • N3-12F P2. R

  • NP4-12FR

  • NPH5-12FR

  • NP7-12FR

  • NP7-12LFR

  • NP12-12FR

  • NP18-12BFR

  • NP24-12BFR

  • NP38-12FR

  • NP65-12FR