Auto Air Conditioning

RETROFIT – Vehicles can be converted from R12 gas to accept the refrigerant
R134a by replacing parts accordingly

 Air Conditioning Unit Installations – New Units to suit most types of Vehicles

It is imperative you have your air conditioning system serviced
by a fully licensed  and accredited Air Conditioning Technician.
This will ensure that the correct procedure & equipment is used to get
the optimum life & efficiency out of your system. Also ensuring the
correct procedure is in place for looking after our environment.

 Micro Filters
 Spring is the time to replace your Cabin Filters - they remove dust & pollen from the air. Blocked filters can reduce your air conditioners efficiency.

 If you constantly drive in traffic – reports have shown it is important to get your filters changed regularly.


  • Visual inspection of system to determine Gas Type / Oil Type

  • Visual inspection of systems components (Compressor/Condenser/Hoses/Fittings)

  • Check operation of fans (Condenser/Blower)

  • Decommission System

  • Replace receiver dryer (Filter) – IF REQUIRED

  • Evacuate system & check for leaks

  • Recharge system with correct amount of gas & glow leak

  • Secure sticker to engine bay indicating Business Name/Gas Type/Oil Type

  • Check efficiency at vents


When To Have The System Serviced

It is suggested that the system be serviced approx. every two years, for the system to work efficiently & stay cool.

We recommend the receiver dryer (filter) to be replaced every 3-4 years. In most late model vehicles the cabin micro filter should be cleaned or replaced – this will alleviate any odour.

*Note* To get the optimum life & efficiency out of your
A/C System, run it all year  round (yes – in winter also,
this will demist your foggy windscreens in no time at all).