Solar Panel - All sizes (See our Batteries & Solar Solutions Page) 


A 120W Solar Panel is sufficient to continuously power a compressor, fridge and other appliances including camping lights, radios and TVs.
Compact in size, this unit folds up easily for simple storage and vehicle transportation.
Convenient Carry Bag
This durable padded bag protects your solar panel during storage and transportation.
Carry Handle and Safety Loop
Helps to prevent damage to your solar panel.
Built in Solar Controller Maintains your battery in a fully charged state while protecting it from over charge and solar discharge.
Fold Away Support Leg Convenient support leg folds out to allow easy mounting on flat ground. The leg places the panels at an optimum angle for maximum performance. 




Auxiliary batteries are used to operate appliances while you are away from main 240v power supply. To eliminate the risk of compromising your vehicles main starting battery we run a Dual Battery Setup with a reliable isolator. Most people like to run more than just a light from their additional battery these days - so we need more usable energy over a longer period of time. So this is a fast / safe way of doing so. The most cost effective way according to your needs is what we try to achieve. The bigger the battery the better. You will then get optimal capacity when needed and longevity out of your battery.

We supply & fit all types of deep cycle batteries for this application - however we do prefer AGM / Gel Century Batteries -  they are far more superior to a lot of brands.

Wet cell batteries give off hydrogen gas as they are charging best fitted under bonnet only  - AGM / Gel Batteries are fully sealed and never require water top-ups.

We recommend AGM batteries but if you do a lot of off road / bumpy driving Gel batteries are a better more suitable application.

 These batteries can be mounted anywhere - inside your car / caravan / motor homes, etc. These will charge up faster than other types of batteries. They will also take better to a discharge / recharge than other batteries. Left unattended for a period of time will only self discharge at a very low rate whereas - Wet deep cycle batteries would discharge completely and find it hard come back.

IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON STAYING IN THE ONE PLACE FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME (3 Days or more). We recommend you use a solar panel to keep your battery charged – no need to start that vehicle or go for a charge up drive. Portable panels are great as you can follow the sun to gain optimal input. 

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BCDC Smart Isolator - 3 Stage Charger

If you've invested heavily in an expensive, high quality auxiliary battery, it's worth protecting it with the Smart Start® BCDC1220.

The Smart Start® BCDC1220 is a three stage charger that operates from any input voltage between 9V and 32V DC.                         

The BCDC1220's advanced electronics ensure that your auxiliary battery always receives the optimum voltage and current for maximum battery life and performance.

It's also a highly advanced battery isolator that prevents your primary battery from draining if your auxiliary battery falls below a certain voltage.

  • Maximises the performance of your auxiliary battery

  • Saves you money by maximising battery life

  • Negates the effect of voltage drop over long cable runs

  • Ensures you will never have a flat start battery

  • Provides you with safety and security

  • Suitable for harsh and marine environments

  • Suitable for charging from 12V or 24V vehicles

  • Compact in size and easy to install 

Smart Start Battery Isolator

  • Cost-effective protection against a flat battery

  • Smarter than a continuous duty solenoid

  • Silver contacts for longer life

  • Power saving technology

  • Cooler operating temperature

  • Only draws approximately 0.15A when engaged

  • Fault indication

  • LED lights when thesolenoid is activated

Electric Brake Unit

The REDARC range of Electric Trailer Brake Controllers put you in charge… not your trailer. All REDARC brake controllers are capable of operating up to 3 axle trailer brakes, and all operate with a progressive brake application to the level set by the user.    The Redarc range of electric trailer brake controllers provide an easy to operate method of controlling electric brakes on a trailer, camper-trailer, boat trailer or caravan.

  • A GREEN light from the LED indicator means that a trailer with electric brakes is plugged in.

  • Application of the brakes from either the foot brake or the manual button on the controller will change the LED to a shade of RED.

  • The shade of RED indicates to what level the brakes are applied.

  • The adjustment knob will set the level of braking, for both the manual button and the foot brake. 

Electric Brake Unit – Remote Mount

The Remote Mount model comes with the LED and controls remote from the unit. This allows mounting of the controls up to 500mm away from the main unit. The controls are small enough to be mounted in the dash through a standard push-out switch panel. The main unit can be mounted out of sight, and the controls will have minimal visual impact on the vehicle. The braking gain adjustment knob and the manual override pushbutton are the same control, which allows the operator to adjust the braking level whilst operating the manual override function. 

Electric Brake Unit – Trailer Mount

Redarc brake controllers have the option of an encapsulated trailer mount unit. The Trailer Mount model is completely potted in a silicone elastomer to ensure protection against vibration and the weather. As the manual button is not needed, it has been removed and the controller requires an auxiliary 12V available at the trailer socket. Apart from this the unit operates as the standard brake controller does.

Power Inverter


An inverter turns the energy stored in a standard deep cycle battery into household 240volts AC power. This power can be used to run almost any AC appliance, including radio, Video, TV, kitchen appliances, power tools, medical equipment, lights, motors and basically anything that operates on 240V.


  • Pure sine wave output (THD < 3%)

  • Output frequency:50 / 60Hz switch selections 

  • Input & output fully isolated design

  • Power Saving Mode to conserve energy

  • High efficiency : 89~94%

  • Driving highly inductive & capacitive loads at start moment

  • Tri-Color indicators show input voltage & output load level

  • Loading controlled cooling fan

  • Advanced microprocessor controls

  • Protection: Input low voltage Overload Short circuit

  • Low battery alarm Input over voltage Over temperature

Baintech DC Socket Power Boards

Left or Right Application -Ready to wire to your battery
Surface Mount - PVC Housing
Digital LCD Backlit Display
Circuit Breaker Protected
On/Off Isolation Switch
Cigarette and Merit Sockets
2 Year Warranty

Low Coolant Alarm

The Redarc LCA1224 is used in a 12V or 24V automotive system to monitor radiator coolant level and provide a visual and audible alarm if the coolant falls below the chosen level. It can give warning of a sudden loss of coolant (Eg from a burst radiator hose) and allow the operator to stop the vehicle and switch off the engine, to prevent any damage due to over-heating.damage due to over-heating.

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